Shopify Help


When things are just not going right and you need someone to just “Fix My Shopify!”


There are times when you’re trying to get some new content or features going and things just are not turning out the way you hoped. Maybe you would like to have some expert advise or need some tweaks to a theme you just purchased. Whatever the reason our experts are here for you.

We can fix your Shopify site:

In our experience most fixes can be taken care for a $50.00 a fix. As soon as you submit a support request by submitting payment (paypal buy now button) you will receive a message from us to set up our first communication about fixing your shopify site.

You will receive a free quote from us letting you know the procedures need to fix your website and quotation for the total cost. If the cost should exceed the $50 support payment, we will apply the amount to the total bill or give you a 100% refund should you decide not to use our support service

Once we begin working on your Shopify site we will provide you with regular email updates on progress as well as documentation on what steps were taken to complete the fix to your site.

We can install, modify, edit and restore your Shopify theme. We can also customize your theme and add new features like template pages, carousels, 360 degree images and many other features.

We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results of our fixes we will return your site to the state it was when we started and provide you with a full refund.

We can get started right away just by clicking the “Buy Now” button on this page. We use paypal to process the payment because paypal can process credit cards and handle the conversion for international currencies.

If you want to learn how to Fix My Shopify you can use our comprehensive training and tutorial Inside the Real of Shopify.